by Georginna Feyst

Definition –

Intention: to have in mind as something to be done or brought about; plan

Creativity starts with a spark, an idea, a Vision. The vision can come all at once, or it can develop over time, like a seed sprouting and growing as you water it. This is in the realm of intuition. When we add intention and aligned effort to our intuition, we can manifest amazing things that are far beyond the realm of logic.

When we put our attention on something it grows. When we put effort into something inspired and intuitive, it begins to manifest almost naturally. Aligning our intentions and efforts with intuition allows for more rapid creation.

The power of intention is incredible and when coupled with aligned efforts its transformational. When we put effort out without a plan or an intention, we can end up exhausting our creative energy with less than fruitful results.  When we plan and set goals (vision) without adding effort toward those goals, nothing happens. However when we use intention and effort to support each other, we can move mountains.

This is one of the reasons people are inspired to set New Year’s resolutions. Decide on resolutions/intentions that inspire and motivate you internally. Then put your intentions, goals, plans, resolutions up in your personal space, office, or studio where you will see them and be inspired to infuse them with your effort and energy every day and keep them alive.

Some days we just inch toward our goals; other days we seem to take major leaps, but it’s the consistent applied effort and intention over time that moves us in the right direction, transforming our goals into accomplishments, our dreams into real experiences and our inner landscape into a fulfilled life.  Mick Jagger was wrong… If you align your mental and physical energies with those things that are good for you and good for the world, there is satisfaction available to you, every day of your life.