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Georginna Feyst is a dedicated working actor, producer, writer and director committed to making a positive difference through film/theatre/TV. Born in Overland Park, Kansas, Georginna has lived in 2 countries, 8 states & 18 cities. She has a great love for humanity & animals. She’s married with two kitties & now lives in Los Angeles, the city she calls home.

Film & New Media

  • Americans Abroad Digital Series | Lead | RAD Productions
  • Georgie | Lead | Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions
  • Yarnia | Lead | Real Art Daily (RAD) Productions
  • S is for Psycho | Lead | Dead Set Films
  • On Knife’s Edge | Lead | Stray Rocket Productions
  • Monopoly World | Lead | Condition Films
  • Untitled Feature | Supporting | RokitPig Entertainment
  • 7 Faces of Jack the Ripper | Supporting | Fire Born Studios
  • Gnome Alone | Supporting | Fire Born Studios
  • Original Sin | Supporting | Crystal Films
  • The Far Side of Normal | Supporting | Fire Born Studios
  • 15 Minutes | Supporting | MSteele Productions
  • Runaway | Supporting | Elon Productions
  • STAR | Supporting | CTAR Films
  • Look Again | Supporting | Look Again Films
  • Christian Science | Supporting | BDFI Films
  • Tainted Power | Supporting | SF Film Collective
  • Dogstar | Supporting | Raw Power Productions
  • Die Hippie Therapist | Supporting | Milkman Max Productions
  • Por Qué | Supporting | Thunder Productions


    • Foothill Theatre Arts Conservatory, 2 yr Intensive
    • Meisner Technique, 2 yr program, Ruskin Acting Studio
    • Scene Study, Giles Foreman 
    • Character Transformation, Giles Foreman
    • Scene Study, Michael Bradley
    • Scene Study, Larry Moss
    • Animal Character Work, Gulu Montiero
    • Alexander Technique Character, Jean-Louis Rodriguez & Kristof Konrad
    • Commercial Training, Killian’s Workshop
    • Audition Technique, Scott Sedita Acting Studio
    • Cold Reading, Scott Sedita Acting Studio
    • Comedy, Scott Sedita Acting Studio
    • Audition Technique, Margie Haber Studios
    • Audition Technique, Edgemar Center for the Arts
    • Cold Reading, Edgemar Center for the Arts
    • Audition Technique, ACW, Jeffrey Brooks
    • Cold Reading, Edgemar Center for the Arts
    • Audition Technique, ACW, Jeffrey Brooks
    • Scene Study, ACW, Nick Anderson
    • Audition Technique, Kimberly Jentzen
    • Scene Study, Michael Storm


    • No Exit | Inez | Chromolume Theater
    • Roswell | Catherine | Next Stage Theatre
    • Vampire Masquerade | Vampire Witch | Tré Stage Theatre
    • Chamber Music | Susan B. Anthony | Lohman Theatre
    • Babel’s in arms | The Businesswoman | Lohman Theatre
    • Lion, Witch and Wardrobe | Mrs. Beaver | Smithwick Theatre
    • Labor day | Doctor Marren | Yerba Buena Theatre Festival
    • The Adding Machine | Beatrice | Lohman Theatre
    • The Jungle Book | Massua | Smithwick Theatre

    Special Skills

    • DIALECTS: American Southern(Antebellum & Modern), Irish (Dublin), New York, Standard American, Russian

    • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:Programming/Data Analysis/Querying/Reporting

    • BUSINESS: 12+ Years Corporate Business experience, Realtor’s License

    • HOLISTIC HEALING: Massage Therapy/Yoga Instructions/Reiki & Energy Work

    • MEDICAL: Medical knowledge, Anatomy/Physiology, Neurology, X-RAY Tech, Foot Surgery Assistant, At-Home Vet skills (SubIQ Fluid Administration, Grooming, Medication protocol)

    • SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: meditation, Qigong, Native American ceremonies (pipe, sweat lodge, vision quest), Shamanic journey/healing, Spiritual Healer/Counselor, Guest Ministering

    • Valid U.S. Passport


    “Georginna has an immense passion for theatre, film, and TV and a great love for humanity. She is using her business skills and artistic talents to act, write, and produce projects that inspire expansion of consciousness and individual/societal healing through increased compassion and greater understanding of those we view as different than us.”

    -BWW News Desk


    Americans Abroad Series



    Georginna Feyst plays an inept travel show host that misunderstands everything about the cultures of the countries they visit. She misses the point of everything and, of course, all of her plans fail. Physical comedy and her boastful cluelessness fuel the humor of this series. 

    Georgie (Feature)


    Georginna Feyst plays the titular role of Georgie, a devout Catholic woman trapped in an abused marriage. She relies on female allies to find her worth and leave the marriage.

    Yarnia (SHORT) 


    Georginna Feyst portrays the animal loving, crazy cat woman and mommy of two cats who adventure off to Yarnia through a magical portal in the back of the closet. .

    No Exit (Theatre)


    Georginna Feyst portrayed the iconic lesbian predator, Inez, in Jean Paul Sartre’s “No Exit”.  Both producer and lead actress, Feyst had a successful 12 show run at the Chromolume Theatre in Los Angeles.